Andrea Plamondon is a classically trained  'artist of many genres’, whose work has been described as "diverse, atmospheric and compelling". 

Hailing from New England, the singer has fronted bands with styles ranging from rock to Middle Eastern (San Francisco), and played leading roles in theatrical productions on both the east and west coasts. Her songs and collaborations have been aired on internet and FM stations around the globe.

Before relocating to San Francisco, Plamondon had been attending 'Massachusetts College of Art’ on a full scholarship, when the suicide of her only brother, a graduate of Boston university, sent her in an entirely different direction. That direction would include a degree in Poetics and a dedication to classical training.

One of the singers most intriguing efforts to date, is a collaboration with rapper and Hip-Hop artist, Terbleos of Ghana Africa.  Their song 'No One' was released as the title track on Woa’ Records’ The Goa Chillout Zone volume 5., produced by MTV Europe Music Awards nominee Oliver Sean. We hear, a new, exotic mix is in the works.

On the more classical side, three songs co-written with Irish film composer and orchestrator, Connor Hutton (who has worked with Academy Award winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others) are expected to be released in 2018.

Currently, Plamondon is focused on creating video for her upcoming album…