"Only Eden” is just a bright example of pure artistry in the Neoclassical music scene. Andrea Plamondon can be fairly considered as a highly motivated singer with advanced voice capabilities. Grab the chance to listen something unique and don’t forget to watch the clip too.”

- Nagamag  


“Only Eden” is a song that is made upon the shoulders of duality, but if there’s one key element to take away from its roughly three-minute running time, it’s the boundless talent of its singer, whose voice is angelic in every way here.

- MusicExistance 

“Only Eden” is an amazing introduction to the music of Andrea Plamondon, and if it’s giving us any sort of indication as to what her artistry is all about, I think we’re going to be seeing plenty more of her content in the near future. As a vocalist, the depth of her melodicism is almost endless, and that’s illustrated quite clearly in “Only Eden.”

- Indiebandguru 





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