"Andrea Plamondon has an incredibly strong voice which is immediately evident once you take a listen to her music. Not only is it strong, it is brilliantly sound and pitch perfect. It’s so astounding more people aren’t aware of her voice that it’s almost criminal".
- Mars Band 

"It's hard to deny that Plamondon has the vocal skills to front any sort of band she desires..."
- Doug Cornell, former music director of amp3.com

"I Still Remember" is very intense and full of dramatic flair. At times you will even feel as if the music is taken from a play or theatre production. A nice insight to seventeen years out of the career of this singer songwriter."
- Orcasound, Montreal 


"I just listened to ALL of Safffras' songs and I LOVE the sound of your Rich, smooth polished Vocals. It’s a clever idea to combine the styles of Opera and hip-hop!!”  
- Randy Powell, CEO Kicksta Muzik Publishing (BMI)

"Talk about your powerhouse performer; Andrea Plamondon knows music. And although her life has been forced at times with tragedies. This has not stopped Andrea from making music that speaks to the soul..." 
- JC Internet Radio


"Plamondon is widely versatile with an emotional and mental recurrence to the mind. She would likely be comfortable on a punk stage, taking a bow on Broadway, performing a rock opera or singing three hail Mary’s, and this collection is proof of that. "  
Womens' Rising


"I Still Remember" is clearly a labor of love, illustrating the range of the artists's work during this seventeen year period. Andrea's intensely delivered vocals 
pierce through every track..." 
- Musical Discoveries 

"This anthology style of release from Andrea Plamondon is definitely not the usual music I get in the mail to review. This release blends musical styles like  opera, experimental, new age, and even some progressive rock to create some very unique  music... "
- Indie Music Stop.

"I want to compare Plamondon's voice to someone' s but I'm not quite comfortable name checking Kate Bush, Grace Slick, Klaus Nomi, or Ofra Haza;  none of them exactly suggest the drama and power and compelling weirdness of Plamondon's pipes." 
- Roctober Magazine


"If you like the music of Kate Bush, Toyah Wilcox, or Siouxie Sioux, you'll add Andrea Plamondon to those names. Andrea is one of the underground's
best kept secrets (outside San Francisco)..." 
- Prognaut 


"On her archival collection Andrea Plamondon remembers her past well- now she's looking to make her past unforgettable! "
- Kweevak